La Femme Perdue

Size: 70 H x 50 W x 2 cm (approx. 28" x 20" x 1")

The lost woman is an imagery that’s haunted me for long. Inspired by the genius of Picasso and twisted to its current form within the recesses of my mind, I have carried her inside for years until, finally, I felt compelled to give a face to the frail silhouette breaking into brilliant shards and losing herself into the cold background. She is not completely lost, nevertheless. Like a beacon, like a holy flame, she will burn forever, unhindered by the enclosing darkness. She knows this, you can tell. She will not be vanquished.

Acrylic on canvas in blue-tinted greys, dull whites and deep blacks, with specks of glistening silver and topped with burning red to give it life.