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Hi, I’m Maia.

I'm a painter, graphic artist, writer and programmer. I'm obsessive, impatient and a firm believer in the impossible. I also like to curse a lot in several languages. Welcome to my blog! <3

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  • So I made these two acrylic paintings in anticipation of my moving to our new flat (soon, very soon, precious! 😄) and I think they'd be just perfect for the bedroom. Or above the desk. We'll see. I love how the bronze paint glimmers in the light. 😵

These actually mean a great deal to me."Powerful Magic" is a phrase I've been in love with for a long long time. It started when I first heard Tiestö & Aqualung's song "UR" gazillion years ago, with Matt Hales crooning those exact words all poignant and wistful - I realized right then and there that these were MY words, that they encompassed everything that drives me, creatively and emotionally. The sadness in Matt's voice, the melancholy, the slight confusion, the passion, the notion of power right next to the tantalizing idea of magic, all wrapped up in a song about intoxicating love. This was perfection. I later intended to have the words tattooed on myself but, for whatever reason, I ended up with something different.

I guess the time for "powerful magic" is now because, when I felt like doing a few industrial pieces these days, I knew exactly what I wanted to write.

I can't wait to hang them up in their new home in a couple of months! ❤️
  • Saturday inspiration: a bright soothing palette, perfect for a cloudy november day.
📸 Pinterest
  • Beautiful booklet design for my art studio, courtesy of the immensely talented @creativesummerstudio ❤️
They've just released a gorgeous WordPress theme, by the way, so you should all go check it out. 😉
  • Mesmerising shapes and colours.
🎨 by Thérèse Murdza
  • I just had to share this amazing painting by @canvas_by_monika, it's just so calm and soothing and brilliantly executed! She's looking for a nice name so maybe go help her out! 😉
  • Pencils make me happy in my heart. 📸 Pinterest