Maia Eli
Abstract Painter


Obsessive, impatient, believer in the impossible.

I started drawing ever since I could hold a pencil and switched to a brush not much later afterwards. As I grew older, life took me to other places, serious places, dull monotonous places. It had me sit quietly through Law School, then swerved abruptly towards Computer Programming where I eventually settled, but my love for art was never extinguished. Quite the contrary, pushed down into the background by my prosaic life choices, it bubbled constantly underneath the surface – angry, frustrated, unquenched, it refused to let me go.

On my winding journey, I touched many realms, always drawn towards the creative and the profoundly aesthetic. I tried scandalous graffiti on city walls, I worked with charcoal, I dipped a toe in photography and sank full-body into digital painting.

Finally, effortlessly, I returned to the brush. I returned to dirty hands and paint-splattered jeans, to the basics of birthing colours by combining shades, to spreading my dreams on canvas, in cursive, fluid strokes. It took me long, but I am home.

You’re welcome to join me here; nothing would make me happier.